Rounding the Corner…

COVID-19 is a very strange disease.  We are learning more about it and in doing so, understanding how better to treat it.  I was recipient of the lessons past experiences had taught medical providers, and study of the COVID-19 virus taught them the dos and don’ts of treatment from which I benefited.  One of theContinue reading “Rounding the Corner…”

Family Therapy: It’s all about the Relationships

Psychology is all about the “self.”  That should not be surprising because even though Freud—the progenitor of psychoanalysis—included in his notion of the self the “superego,” which is Freud’s acknowledgement of environmental impact upon thought processes, the primary focus was not upon society, but the individual and their neuroses.  Since that time, psychology has beenContinue reading “Family Therapy: It’s all about the Relationships”

Post-Truth COVID-19 “Facts”

While researching a different topic, I began to think a great deal about truth, especially the phenomenon known as “post-truth.”  Minted as the Oxford Dictionary’s 2016 word of the year, post-truth denotes an environment where people judge the facts based upon how the facts measure up to their ideological point of view, a point ofContinue reading “Post-Truth COVID-19 “Facts””