Behavioral Expectations

On this page you will find some ideas about how your child may act and how you should expect them to act. Back in the day, “Children are to be seen no heard” was an expectation that I grew up with. It didn’t work then and it probably won’t work now. What does? This page tries to answer that question..

Teaching Kids Self-Control

It doesn’t matter if it’s pajamas, keeping hands to themselves or putting shoes in the right spot… there is always something you’ve asked hundreds of time which to this day, may still not get done….

Typical Teenage Behaviors and Attitudes

There’s a drastic change between how teens behave at 13 years old compared to 18 years old. Yet it happens so gradually that you might not even recognize your teen transforming into an adult right in front of your eyes….

The Psychology of Expectations

Why unrealistic expectations are premeditated resentments.

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